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Our Showcase

In the shortcode for your help we give a facility showcase example. you can get facility Showcase source, limit, column, color, background, image width, image height, title color, title height, title size, text limit, button text, and extra class. just simply use this shortcode and get showcase style


Another Showcase

In this part you can see the showcase slider layout or content slider example.
In this showcase example the link open in a seperate full screen window.



Everything Included

Save $35 | Shortcode Ultimate is included

Shortcodes Ultimate is Joomla Plugin that provides mega pack of shortcodes (like wordpress shortcode system). It's included 90+ shortcodes item. Check all shortcode here so you understand why it's need you.

All elements are essential for attractive web design included more style and features. Your expectation will be full-fill by this shortcode ultimate, so you can get more elements in one extension.

Present your site in the most beautiful way

The shortcode have 4 beautyful style. you can choose any one from style. the default style is style 1. also you can select media, joomla & k2 category display limit, order & order type gallery width, gallery height, horizontal gap, vertical gap, large, medium, small device very beautifull presented.

Sample Headline

ravel is a responsive Joomla template and a great design for any corporate style website! The design is laid out in such a way that you can take it and go in any direction for you website needs!