Smooth Scroll Funktion

Sie können mit dem Template auch ein wunderschönes "Onepage" Design" entwerfen, da wir eine moderne smooth-scroll Funktion eingefügt haben. Demnach können sie zu jedem Modul in folgenden Sektionen scrollen:

Sektionen sind: home, top-a, top-b, top-c, top-d, top-e, top-f, main-content, bottom-a, bottom-b, bottom-c, bottom-d, bottom-e, bottom-f

Beispiel: Scroll to home


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You can add post as like as block style. You can change below options such as image source, image limit, category yes/no, date yes/no, show description yes/no, description text limit, show title yes/no, show meta data yes/no, show thumbnial yes/no, thumb resize yes/no, image width and height, order created data/title/hits/ordering, order type ascending/descending. You can get ready shortcode by clicking below button

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The shortcode gallery have 4 beautyful style. you can choose any one from style. the default style is style 1. Also you can select media, joomla & k2 category display limit, order & order type gallery width, gallery height, horizontal gap, vertical gap, large, medium, small device very beautifull presented.

Joomla Golf Club

Joomla Golf Club

Joomla Golf Club

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